Implant treatment - price list

Implant treatment is divided in two stages in most cases

First stage - implant insertion - the cost of the stage is 490 Euros.
Included: treatment plan, titanium implant with integration guarantee, implant surgery, local anesthesia, follow up examination.

Second stage after 3 months - prosthetics - the cost of the stage is 260 Euros.
Included: healing/prosthetic abutment, full ceramic zirconium crown, lab work, local anesthesia.

The total costs of single implant supported tooth is 750 Euros if bone conditions are sufficient for implant integration.

Additional costs that sometimes are needed prior implant treatment

Panoramic x-ray - 20 Euros
Tomography - 90 Euros
Bone reconstruction - from 80 Euros to 850 Euros depending on bone deficiency and area.