Metal free dental Implants in Germany - German implant treatment you can rely on

Zirkonium is much harder than steel. I am sure you read about knifes, made in Zirkonium. ZiO² is also used for artificial joints for hips. This material is strong enough to be used for crowns and bridges and even to produce dental implants. Metal free dentistry is the keyword for non-toxic and non allergic products instead of dental alloys.
CAD/CAM milling technology is very common in Germany. Many German dental practices and dental laboratories are using systems like Procera or CEREC Germany for full ceramic fillings, veneers, crowns and bridges. Either frameworks, implant parts or the complete filling is constructed on a computer and milled in Zirkonium, Alumina or special dental ceramic.
The framework can be covered with ceramics in you tooth color in individual shape.
If you are interested in this technology, feel free to call us in our offices in Luebeck - Germany, London - UK or in Switzerland. CAD-G dentists are available in most of the German cities, like Berlin, Frankfurt, Moenchengladbach, Hamburg, Giessen and Bonn.

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